Old Advertisements

Vintage magazine advertisements and advertising from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Cadillac Ad

1966 Cadillac Ad
Cadillac Ad

Old magazine advert for Cadillac Hardtop Sedan de Ville circa 1966.

Foreground: 1966 Hardtop Sedan de Ville. Background: 1964 De Ville Convertible.

There is no other driving experience to match that provided by a Cadillac—whether it is a 1966 model or one that has seen previous service. The car is so smooth and so elegantly quiet, its conveniences so complete, and its safety features so reassuring that Cadillac owners are the most satisfied motorists in the luxury car field. Thanks to its solid reputation, a Cadillac represents the finest automobile investment in the land. See your authorized dealer soon. His long experience in serving fine-car owners is your assurance of lasting motoring satisfaction.

Standard of the World (Cadillac logo)
(GM logo) Cadillac Motor Car Division

Mazda RX-7 GS Sports Car Ad

Mazda RX-7 GS Sports Car Ad
Mazda RX-7 GS Sports Car Ad

Old magazine advert for Mazda RX-7 GS Sports Car. Circa 1980.

The 1980 Mazda RX-7 GS
Just one look is all if takes to appreciate the exceptional value of the Mazda RX-7 versus Datsun 280ZX or Porsche 924.
As remarkable as the Mazda RX-7 is on its own merits, it looks all the better when compared with the competition. Because the sleek, aerodynamic RX-7 is virtually everything you could want in a refined sports car—at an almost unbelievable price.
It can reach 0-50 in 6.3 seconds. Its inherently compact rotary engine is placed behind the front axle, for ideal weight distribution and superb handling.
In auto racing, a specially prepared RX-7 won its class at the Daytona 24-hour race. Another RX-7 set a world speed record at Bonneville.
The smoothness of the rotary engine makes the RX-7 a quiet sports car. All this performance from a car that can attain excellent gas mileage on the open road.
17 EST.mpg 28 EST.** hwy mpg
But the front mid-engine RX-7 offers infinitely more than performance. It also provides extraordinary comfort.
So if you know what you want in a sports car, and you don’t want to pay a king’s ransom to get it, take a look at the RX-7 GS or S Model. The beautifully-styled, high-mileage, high-performance sports cars from Mazda.
You’re also going to like the looks of RX-7 GS standard features.
AM/FM stereo radio with power antenna • Side-window demisters Cut-pile carpeting Tinted glass • 5-speed • Tachometer • Styled steel wheels • Steel-belted radial tires Front and rear stabilizer bars • Ventilated front disc and finned rear drum brakes with power assist • Electric remote hatch release. 3-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, aluminum wheels and sun roof available as options.
$8295 *
*Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for GS Model shown. S Model $7495. Slightly higher in California. Actual prices established by dealers. Taxes, license, freight, optional equipment, and any other dealer charges are extra. (Wide alloy wheels shown $275-$295.) All prices subject to change without notice.
**EPA estimates for comparison purposes for GS Model with 5-spd. Trans. The mileage you get may vary depending on how fast you drive, the weather, and trip length. The actual highway mileage will probably be less. California, 16 estimated mpg, 27 estimated highway mpg.
Mazda’s rotary engine licensed by NSU-WANKEL
MAZDA (logo)
The more you look, the more you like.

VW Rabbit Ad

VW Rabbit Ad
VW Rabbit Ad

Old magazine ad for Volkwagen Rabbit. Circa 1980

This one drives a Volkswagen Rabbit.
Now. We would love to tell you what a brilliant choice he made.
How many different cars he checked out. How smart he was to choose a Rabbit.
But the fact is, he didn’t have much of a choice at all. A snowplow driver has two crucial needs:
1) Easy starts in the middle of winter.
2) very good maneuverability in very bad weather.
Which means he needs both fuel injection for those starts and front-wheel drive for that maneuverability. Guess what?
With the exception of our own cars, there is only one car in the Rabbit’s class that gives you both front-wheel drive and the option of fuel injection: the Rabbit itself. And with these features it’s safe to say that only one car in this class combines the starting ease and maneuverability in snow like the Rabbit itself: the Rabbit itself.
Snowplow driver or not, we think you’ll be impressed with the way the Rabbit is put together. With its performance, its handling, its carrying capacity.
Car and Driver was very impressed: “The Rabbit does more useful and rewarding things than any other small car in the world.” Now the question is:
Does the man who drives the snowplow own a Rabbit to help him do his job?
Or does he do his job to help him own a Rabbit?.
(VW Logo)

Firestone Ad

Firestone Tire Ad
Firestone Tire Ad

Old magazine ad for Firestone tires. Circa 1978.

Grease is rolling on Firestone Super Stones

Would any car that stars in a Hollywood musical be seen in the company of ordinary tires?
Certainly not “Greased Lightning”, the automotive heartthrob of Paramount’s new hit, “GREASE”.
Here’s a car that calls for a tire that’s got real star quality. So right away the call went out for Firestone.
Naturally, because Firestone makes the Super Stones. Like our SS Radial and Super Stones raised white letter tires.
Discover ‘em for yourself now at your nearest Firestone retailer. In 50, 60 and 70 series, so you can put the width you want just where you want it.
They’ve all got the good looks that’ll catch any machine along the path to stardom. Including yours.

Firestone (logo) SUPER STONES

Firestone tires are featured on “Greased Lightning”, the car that stars in Paramount’s production of “GREASE” See it at your local theatre. GREASE Paramount Pictures Corporation

Ford Truck Ad

Ford Truck Ad
Ford Truck Ad

Old magazine advert for Ford Trucks. Circa 1978.

Free-Wheelin’ Fords. They’re TNT!

Free Wheeling means factory-customized trucks with dazzling interiors, special paints, trick wheels and blacked-out grilles. Start with the Free Wheeling Stateside pickup shown below with rainbow stripes, blacked-out grille and front bumper, forged aluminum wheels (4), RWL sport tires. New Free Wheeling Fords. They’re TNT. And they’re ready at your Ford Dealer.

Free Wheeling Bronco
Comes equipped with black bumpers, mirrors, sport steering wheel, swooping tricolour tape treatment, spoke wheels and RWL tires.

Free Wheeling Courier
Get it with oval RWL tires, cast styled aluminum wheels (4), GT bar, push bar, fog lamps, custom accent tape stripes, and more.

Free Wheeling Van
Includes sport steering wheel, black painted rocker panels, black front/rear bumpers and mirrors. A separate interior package option is also available. Van shown with additional factory options, owner-added stripes.

Built Ford Tough (logo)
FORD 75th Anniversary  (logo)

Lotus Eclat Car Ad

Lotus Eclat Ad
Lotus Eclat Ad

Old magazine ad for the Lotus Eclat car circa  1976.

Exclusivity-Practicality with Performance

Optimising style, performance and Safety with Economy, the new Lotus Eclat is a prestige, occasional 4 seat sports car with superb handling characteristics. Constructed by the very latest GFRP techniques with the most modern technology. The Lotus Eclat offers the safety features proven in the Lotus Elite – winner of Europe’s most coveted award – the Don Safety Trophy. The comprehensive range of 4 model options include five speed gearbox, power steering, air conditioning,  stereo cassette/radio and alloy wheels. Powered by the Lotus 907 2 litre twin overhead camshaft engine, the Eclat has a top speed of 132 mph, with an average consumption of 28 mpg. Cruising range is approximately 420 miles with 15 gallon tanks. The large boot has a luggage capacity of 13 cu.ft. Recommended UK retails prices including car tax and VAT from £7,131.15 to £8,104.94

Lotus (logo) éclat

Lotus Cars Limited (Marketing) Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8EZ Telephone Wymondham (0953) 603411

Please send me information on the Lotus Eclat and/or arrange for me to have a test drive. I am/am not over 18 years of age Name Address Tel No.

All prices correct at time of going to press. Lotus Cars Ltd. Reserve the right to changes prices or specification without prior notice. Photographs may sho optional equipment. Delivery, number plates and rear seat belts extra.

Porsche 911 Car Ad

Porsche 911 Ad
Porsche 911 Ad

Old magazine ad for Porsche 911 car circa 1978

It could only be one car
Porsche 911. Uncompromisingly engineered. Proven reliability.
To give power without stress. High performance on two star petrol with excellent consumption. 12000 miles between oil changes and servicing. A six year guarantee against sub-frame corrosion. And for the true driver, the most satisfying motoring of his life.
There are four models in the Porsche 911 line-up: 911SC Coupé, and Targa, 9ISC Sports Coupé and Sports Targa.
All models are powered by a 3 litre, 6 cylinder 180 bhp engine with standard 5 speed manual gearbox or optional extra Sportomatic transmission. All have electric windows and tinted glass. Coupés have electric sunroofs.
Targas have a weatherproof lift out centre roof section, which folds for stowage. SC Sports models also feature forged alloy wheels, low, wide tyres, sports shock absorbers, spoilers, stereo radio/tape unit and electric aerial.
Price for the 911SC models £12,600*. Price for the Sports models £14,100*.
Could it be the one and only car for you?
Porsche 911 (logo)
Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited, Richfield Avenue, Reading RG1 BPH. Tel 0734-595411 Tourist and Diplomat enquiries Tel 01-568 8700.
*Prices shown, correct at time of going to press, include Car Tax, VAT and Seat Belts. Delivery and number plates are extra.
The full Porsche line up includes the 924, the 924 Lux, the Turbo and the Car of the Year, 1978, the new 928.

Citroen GS Car Ad

Citroen GS Car Ad
Citroen GS Car Ad

Old magazine advert for Citroen GS car. Circa 1973.

The Citroen GS.
Comfort has never looked better.

Even standing still, that low GS bonnet and sweetly cut-off tail promise a special quality of motoring. On the move you soon know this promise is no illusion. The GS 1220 accelerates smoothly trots 0—50 in 10.6 seconds. It cruises easily on continental auto- routes at 90-plus.
More important, maybe, is that at all speeds and on all kinds of roads you drive comfortably in a GS. It has the same system of Hydropneumatic suspension as the big Citroen DS cars. This Citroen system is unlike any other. Other systems react to the road. Self-levelling Hydropneumatic suspension—because it’s a ‘live’ pressurised system —reacts both to the road and to the load in the car.
The car aalomatically stays level—no matter how light or heavy the load you carry or how uneven the road surface. Driver and passengers stay comfortable and roadholding is tenacious under almost any conditions. Hydropneamatic suspension has been proved over millions of miles. Now, in the CS, you can enjoy its unique advantages in a medium-price car.
Despite its expensive-looking lines and exclusive suspension GS prices start at only £1068.17 plus VAT. A test-drive awaits you at your Citroen dealer’s Or write for brochure and list of agents to Citroen Cars Ltd. Dept C102, Trading Estate, Slough SL1 4QA.
CITROEN (logo)
A word for comfort
Please enquire about our Personal; Export and Diplomatic schemes
Price includes car tax but excludes VAT (seta belts number plates and delivery extra) The model illustrated is the GS Confort Saloon

Triumph 2.5 P.I. Car Ad

Triumph 2.5PI Car Ad
Triumph 2.5PI Car Ad

Old magazine ad for UK built Triumph brand car. Circa 1972.

The Triumph 2.5 P. I.

Joining the power elite is a little easier now. But don’t delay your application.

Membership of the power elite, (that relatively small band of motorists who drive the Triumph 2.5 P.I.) has always been the prerogative of the few.

But for the first time in three years improved production is reducing the wait-list. So it could be a little easier to join the power elite – that’s if you get your name down pretty quickly. It’s still the only British saloon with the petrol injection six-cylinder engine as standard. With acceleration to make many sports car look sick. Such exclusive motoring just isn’t available in mass-market numbers.

0-50 in 7.5 seconds. In top, 60-80 in 10.5 seconds. At 110 (max. speed) it travels as calmly and equably as at 70. And so do you. Accommodation (fully reclining front seats; adjustable steering column) is of ‘executive suite’ calibre. All switchgear requires only fingertip command.

You’re surrounded by a wealth of walnut veneer and lush carpets. And all the executive trappings, cigar lighter, electric clock, etc. are included.

The power elite membership fee is just £1,906.88, ex-works, including purchase tax and fitted front seat belts.

Triumph Motor Company Ltd, Coventry. Tel:0203-75511.

Your application for the power elite.

Complete and return this form to: 2.5 P. I. Test Drive Centre, Triumph Motor Co. Ltd, Coventry CV49DY

We will arrange a private appointment for you to test drive the Triumph 2.5 P. I. through your local Triumph distributor or dealer, who will contact you to confirm a convenient date and time.