Old Advertisements

Vintage magazine advertisements and advertising from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Sony Trinitron Ad

Sony Trinitron TV Ad
Sony Trinitron TV Ad

Old magazine advertisement for Sony Trinitron Television. Circa 1975.

“The first time I lost a clear, sharp picture
on my Sony Trinitron was when it was stolen.’

‘He may not have made Police Five that week, but he was no common thief.
You normally hear of them taking everything while the family is glued to the box.
But as I heard it from my weepy wife:”He’s taken the Sony colour television set but nothing else.” Obviously, that burglar has something besides my TV.
After all, his ill-gotten gain has this unique Trinitron system that gives a really sharp, bright picture.
(Which the folk at Sony attribute to their Aperture Grille, and the fact that it uses the centre of one big electron lens instead of three little ones.)
And its solid state circuitry and low running temperature make it very reliable.
So it’s probably going to perform as well for him as it did for us over the years. Pity.” SONY (logo)
See the Sony KV181O at your local Sony dealer or visit The Sony Showroom, 134, Regent St., W1R 6DJ.
Trinitron. A unique system, better colour.

JBL L212 Speaker Ad

JBL L212 Speaker Ad
JBL L212 Speaker Ad

Old magazine ad for JBL speakers. Circa 1977.


You’ve never heard anything like it. Not from us. Not from anyone.  JBL’S new L212: a totally new picture of high performance sound, from the people who wrote the book.

You hear the whole sound first. And when you catch your breath you search for words to describe the depth, the detail, the etched precision of the music.
That stunning pair of three-way speakers is sending clean, undistorted sound to every corner of the room.  At every frequency. At every level. Loud or soft.  High or low. It doesn’t matter. The energy is constant.
You’re experiencing three-dimensional imaging: Vocal up front. Lead guitar two steps back and one to the left. Drums further back. The piano closer, almost off right edge of the sound. Suddenly you’re aware of a fullness in the music that you’ve heard before but never associated with recorded sound.

The bass!  You’ve been hearing all of the bass, all of the fundamental tones you couldn’t bring home from the concert.  It’s not only everything you’ve heard before. It’s everything you haven’t.  The music is rich with sound at the lowest limit of your hearing.

Then you see the third speaker.  The hero of the piece: The Ultrabass.

The Ultrabass is a system in itself – woofer, amplifier, equalizer and enclosure – designed, mated, blended to do one thing perfectly: reproduce sound at the threshold of sub-sonic frequencies.

It brings all the low frequency music within audible range, balancing it perfectly with the rest of the music.  Without boominess. Without resonance.  It also electronically sums left and right signals below 70 Hz – virtually eliminating turntable rumble and record warp noise.  And, because of the non-directional character of the low frequency sound, the Ultrabass can be placed almost anywhere in the room.  Without any loss of the three-dimensional imaging.

The Ultrabass pays one final dividend: it allows the two three way speakers to be specialists, too.  They can concentrate on the top 95% of the music (Listen to the whole system, and you’ll hear what that means.  Even at a rug curling, rock concert loudness, you’ll get a clarity, a smoothness, an enthusiasm for detail you’ve never heard before.)
Finally, you look for the monster amplifier that’s driving all that sound.  There isn’t one. The L212 takes one fourth the power you’d need with a conventional low efficiency loudspeaker.

That’s the story.  What you’ve been reading about is, essentially, a no-compromise loudspeaker system. The only compromise is the price. The L212 is an expensive loudspeaker system. (the L212 may take a little while becoming a household word.)

In the meantime, we have one suggestion: Contact the JBL Distributor in your country and he’ll be happy to provide you with all the technical information on the L212 including an engineering staff report from JBL.
Nothing fancy except the specs.
You’ve never heard anything like it. Not from Us. Not from anyone.  JBL (logo)

James B. Lansing Sound, Inc., 8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, California 91329

TDK Tape Ad

TDK Tape Ad
TDK Tape Ad

Old magazine ad for TDK recording tape. Circa 1978.

Acoustic Dynamic, the successor to our famous Super Dynamic, which delivers clear, crisp, brilliant reproduction of today’s complex sounds with “Normal” bias.

But there’s nothing normal about the new coating which evolved from our research. We succeeded in developing a new linear ferric oxide particle obtaining superior coercivity with the result that Acoustic Dynamic is completely compatible with virtually all cassette decks guaranteeing a wider dynamic range and frequency reponse which extends well into the high end.

Acoustic Dynamic tape is housed in a new superior precision cassette body to ensure accurate running characteristics.  Leave your switch at “Normal” and hear for yourself the magnificent sound of TDK Acoustic Dynamic and then you will wnow what we are talking about. For technical specification and the name of your nearest stockist just write to us.

TDK (logo) TDK Tape Distributors., Pembroke House, Wellesley Road., Croydon CR0 9XW
Eire: Peat Wholesale Ltd., Chapel Lane, Parnell Street, Dublin1

AD 1977-Sounds magnificent from TDK


Pioneer Music Centre Ad

Pioneer Music Centre Ad
Pioneer Music Centre Ad

Old magazine ad for Pioneer brand music centre stereo hi-fi. Circa 1977.

The Pioneer music centre.

What the hi-fi experts say.

“With the advent of the Pioneer M6500 we have an integrated audio system that adds up to no-compromise hi-fi.”

“The quality of the various components i.e. the belt-driven turntable, cassette deck 3-band tuner/amp, is equal to that of Pioneer’s separate units, so respected in the hi-fi enthusiast’s opinion.”

“The auto-return belt-driven turntable, with 4-pole synchronised motor, looks good. Wow and flutter <0.08%, rumble >63dB WRMS (DIN B). Remarkable.
Nice to see a PC135 cartridge as well.”

“Very versatile cassette deck. Excellent wow and flutter of <0.13%, signal to noise ratio>48dB. CRO2 tape frequency response 30Hz-15kHz, LH tape frequency response 30Hz-12.5kHz.  The tape selector and counter are useful too.”

“Superb tuner/amp> FM particularly impressive, with 35dB for stereo separation (1kHz), capture ratio 1.5dB and selectivity (+/-499kHz) 60dB.
I liked the frequency response too, 30Hz-15kHz. MW and LW also incorporated. Very low harmonic distortion, <0.1%. Output is ample with 2 x 18 watts per channel RMS 4 ohms.”

“Since 1938, we’ve been treated to every hi-fi innovation imaginable from Pioneer. Their number of high-performance best-sellers is quite astonishing.”

“It’s altogether a superb piece of equipment”.

What they actually mean.

“It’s a hi-fi system all in one box.”

“The turntable, cassette deck and tuner/amp are made to pioneer’s exacting specifications.”

“Your records will sound marvellous.”

“So will your tapes.”

“The radio’s superb.”

“Pioneer have been making the best in hi-fi for almost 40 years.”
“It’s altogether a superb piece of equipment.

PIONEER (logo)

Akai Hi-Fi Ad

Akai Hi-Fi Ad
Akai Hi-Fi Ad

Old magazine ad for AKAI brand hi-fi stereo. Circa 1977.

The Difference is Outstanding

Start with some of the finest, professional AKAI quality. The difference is an outstanding listening experience. Because each Hi-Fi audio component reflects renowned AKAI technology and innovation. Plus many state-of-the-art sound advancements.

Representing the ultimate in smooth, easy operation and peak performance.  From a wide array of sources, FM/AM radio, tapes, records.  The result, pure listening pleasure.  From AKAI, the stand-out Hi-Fi audio component manufacturer. Out front with high quality.

Audio & Video
AKAI (logo) AKAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Tokyo, Japan

Jensen Car Stereo Ad

Jensen Car Stereo Ad
Jensen Stereo Ad

Old magazine ad for Jensen car stereo speakers. Circa 1977.

Car stereo speakers that think they’re home stereo speakers.

We’ve taken 50 years of in-home speaker technology and applied it to our car stereo speakers.  The result: rich, warm high fidelity sound for your cat that has made Jensen the undisputed Number 1 car stereo speaker manufacturer in the U.S.A.
32 Different Models
Jensen has a full line of hi-fi models, surface nount speakers and a complete line of coaxials, each with its own separate woofer and tweeter.
Introducing the Jensen Triaxial 3-Way Speaker. The first car stereo speaker available with a woofer, solid-state tweeter and midrange for superb sound reproduction. The Triaxial 3-way speaker works on the same principle as the best home speakers for the ultimate in car stereo sound. For further information see the list of National Importers in the index or call or write our European office:
Jensen Sound Laboratories
Church Farmhouse Inglesham, Near Highworth Wiltshire, U.K.
Telephone: (0367) 52605 Telex 449941

Jensen Sound Laboratories Division of Pemcor Inc.

“Triax” and “Triaxial” are registered trade marks identifying the 3-way car stereo speaker of Jensen Sound Laboratories, Division of Pemcor Inc.

Revox B77 Tape Recorder Ad

Revox B77 Ad
Revox B77 Ad
Old magazine ad for Revox B77 Stereo Tape Recorder.  Circa 1980.

setting standards

For the full story contact F.W.O. Bauch Limited, 49 Theobald Street, Boreham Wood, Herts. WD6 4RZ

REVOX (logo)