Old Advertisements

Vintage magazine advertisements and advertising from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Bank of America Travelers Cheques Ad

Bank of America travelers cheques ad
Bank of America travelers cheques ad

Old magazine advert for Bank of America Travelers Cheques circa 1966.

The pataca is local currency in Macao.

So is this.

In Portuguese, Persian or Punjabi there’s no better word for “security” than “Bank of America Travelers Cheques’ Known and accepted the world over, they come with a money-back guarantee against loss or theft. Whenever you travel, carry money only you can spend — BANK OF AMERICA TREVELERS CHEQUES.

Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Coporation

Iran Air Ad

Iran Air advertisement
Iran Air advertisement

Old magazine ad for Iran Air. Circa 1976.

Guess which country backs 75% of its currency with something more precious than gold?


FOREIGN AID BANK. As a % of their 1974 GDP. The largest amount of foreign aid donated by one country. Two billion six hundred million dollars. Who gave it?  USA  RUSSIA  IRAN  FRANCE

Which country urged the U.N. to declare the Middle East a non-nuclear area?

Only one country in the world has legislated that private manufacturing companies offer 49% of their shares to employees. Name it.  SWEDEN  ITALY  CZECHOSLOVAKIA  IRAN

Which of these airlines operates the longest non-stop scheduled flight?  BRITISH AIRWAYS  IRAN AIR  LUFTHANSA TWA

Iran. Iran. Iran. Iran. And Iran Air. They’re the answer. They really are. And if you got them right, well done.
Now we’ll tell you the purpose of the quiz.
we believe that an airline is only as great as its country of origin.
So that by telling you about Iran, her potential and resources, and how they’re put to use, we tell you more about Iran Air than if we just promised tastier food and prettier girls to serve it.
Not that we don’t serve the most delicious food. We do. Some of it’s Persian and made from recipes thousands of years old. But all of it’s fresh on every flight.
And it’s not as if you won’t find pretty girls on our planes, either. You will. From France, Germany and England as well as from Iran.
What’s more you’ll find them on flights to twenty-seven major cities throughout the world.
Including the only non-stop service between New York and Theran.
A distance of over 6,200 miles covered with ease by our new 747SP. The ‘Special Performer’ Jumbo.
It flies a mile above normal air routes. A mile above the bad weather.
Making it the most comfortable plane in the air.
And that’s not pie in the sky. It’s a fact. Like everything else on this page.

Iran Air (logo)
The world’s fastest growing airline


Maybelline Cosmetics Ad

Maybelline cosmetics ad
Maybelline cosmetics ad

Maybelline advert from Vogue magazine Dec 1975.

New Ultra-Velvet and Ultra-Frost Powder shadows as smooth as cream.

These new powder shadows are really smooth. So smooth you’ll feel the difference when you stroke them on your eyes. They look as even as powder, glide on easy as cream. Stay perfect and never streak. Ultra-Velvet is smooth and velvety. Ultra-Frost is smooth and frosty. Powder shadows as smooth as cream from Maybelline.


Grey Velvet Blueberry Velvet Cinnamon Velvet Turquoise Velvet Moss Green Velvet Green Frost Blue Frost Raisin Frost Mink Frost Vanilla Frost

Boeing Ad

Boeing Ad
Boeing Ad

Old magazine ad for Boeing. Circa 1966.

Look up to the airlines whose pilots wear these emblems.
They’re the 55 airlines that fly Boeing jets.
They’ve already flown 132 million passengers in wonderfully comfortable Boeing 707s, 720s and 727s.
And they’ve made the world smaller by bringing Boeing jet travel to 301 cities in 121 countries.
Next time you travel, go right to the top. Fly with one of these 55 leading airlines.
BOEING (logo)
1916—50th Anniversary Year— 1966

(Airline emblems) – Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Congo, Air France, Air-India, Air Madagascar, Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, America Flyers Airline, Ansett-ANA, Avianca Colombian National Airways, Brathens (Norway), Braniff International Airways, British Overseas Airways Corp, British West Indian Airways, Caledonian Airways, Continental Air Lines, Eastern Air Lines, Ethiopian Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Indian Airlines, Iran National Airlines, Irish International Airlines, Japan Air Lines, Japan Domestic Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, Flying Tiger Line, Northeast Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Olympic Airways, Pacific Airlines, National Airlines, New York Airways, Northern Consolidated, Olympic Airways, Pacific Northern Airways, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Pan American Airways, Piedmont Airlines, Qantas Empire Airways, Sabena Word Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airways, South African Airways, Southern Air Transport, Trans-Australia Airlines, Transportes Aereos Portugueses, Trans World Airlines, United Air Lines, Varig Airlines, Wardair Canada, Western Air Lines, World Airways, Wien Air Alaska

United Airlines Ad

United Airlines Ad
United Airlines Ad

Old magazine advert for United Airlines circa 1966.

Until this morning the biggest lady Mike McCabe had ever seen was his Aunt Stella.
Sure, he’d seen pictures of Miss Liberty. In Oakland. But they didn’t show that she was so big.
Or that she was green.
Another thing Mike discovered today was the fun of flying—on a United Air Lines Jet.
First, he got a pair of Junior Pilot’s wings. Next, he and his folks watched the latest color movie on a wide screen. What about lunch? Sirloin steak, with all the trimmings. (Mike didn’t eat the asparagus.)
Suddenly, they were in New York. And then on top of the Statue of Liberty. 176 steps and an elevator ride in the sky.
Now Mike’s looking at the view, 15 miles in each direction. There is nothing like it in the world.
Mike doesn’t have a lump in his throat. He’s too young for that. All he knows is—he’s discovering America.
And United flies to more of it, more often, than any other airline.
Discover America with United’s Family Plan. 1/3 off for your wife, 2/3 off for each child. Charge it with United’s Personal Travel Credit Card.
“That’s right. 176 steps!”
fly the friendly skies of United.
Films by Inflight

PAN AM Airline Ad

Pan Am Airline Ad
Pan Am Ad

Old magazine ad for PAN AM airlines. Circa 1979.

Travel in style.
Dine in style.

Pan Am’s big 747’s have a First Class dining room upstairs – the only one in the air.
It’s not just another restaurant but a very special place to dine, with the kind of food you’d expect among the stars *****. There’s a full menu to chose from – the roast beef, freshly cooked, is carved at your table. And there is a selection of fine wines and liqueurs.
Like the best restaurants, you have to book early. So ask your Travel Agent to reserve your table when he books your flight across the Atlantic.
It’s all part of Pan Am’s World.
PAN AM logo
The world’s most experienced airline.

US Coast Guard Ad

US Coast Guard Ad
US Coast Guard Ad

Old magazine ad for US Coast Guard recruitment. Circa 1978.

Maybe you thought catching smugglers, stopping poachers and saving lives only happens in the movies.

Wrong. Life in the Coast Guard is a lot better than a movie. It’s the real thing. You probably already know that the Coast Guard has a unique mission of saving lives and property.  We do a lot of other unique things, too.  We’re law enforcement officers, patrolling thousands of mile of America’s coastlines, on the lookout for narcotics smugglers.
We protect our national resources, keeping our new 200 mile fishery conservation zone from “poachers” who illegally fish our waters. These are big jobs, important jobs to our country and to the men and women who perform them.  So are the other things we do. Working to prevent pollution of our waterways and coasts. Maintaining the lights and markers that guide ships. Promoting safety in recreational boating.

Helping others is helping yourself.

It’s not all hard work, though there’s plenty of that. In the Coast Guard, when your job is done and you’re off duty, your time is your own. You can get out of your uniform and into your own thing. The pay check you get (over $400 a month after basic training) goes a lot further. We pay for your uniforms, medical and dental care, and when quarters aren’t available, we provide an allowance for housing and meals. So most of your pay is yours to keep – or save towards a new car, stereo equipment, even college. And because we’re smaller than the other military services, your chances of being recognized are greater. Good performance earns rewards. Which means a bigger paycheck, a bigger job and a brighter future. It all adds up to something pretty exceptional. A meaningful job, with an exciting lifestyle attached. If you would like to be involved, see your local recruiter or call us toll free (800) 424-8883. Or send us the coupon below for more information.

Coast Guard Opportunities, P.O. Box 1452, Scranton, Pa. 18501

Please send more information about the following Coats Guard Programs:
Regular Enlisted  Coast Guard Reserve  Coast Guard O.C.S. (College graduates only) Coast Guard Academy

US Air Force Ad

US Air Force Ad
US Air Force Ad

Old magazine ad for US Air Force recruitment. Circa 1978.


TEAMWORK. Electricians. Mechanics. Pilots. Radio repairmen. Security police. Fuel and hydraulic specialists. all working together. Each dedicated to their profession, the Air Force, and America.
GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.  If you enlist, you’re trained in one of over 140 jobs. You earn good pay. You can even work toward an Associate Degree through the Community College of the Air Force.
If you’re already college bound, Air Force ROTC offers a wide range of scholarships.  And the Air Force Academy offers one of the finest educations anywhere.
Air Force Officer Training School is an option if you’re already out – or almost out – of college.  It’s a chance to put what you’ve learned to work.
And if you’d like an extra pay check every month, check into part-time service in the Air Force Reserve.
GET ALL THE FACTS.  Contact your Air Force Recruiter. Fill out and mail the attached card. Or call toll free 800-523-5000 (PA:800-362-5696)
It’s a great way of life! AIR FORCE

US Army Reserve Ad

US Army Reserve Ad
US Army Reserve Ad

Old magazine advertisement for US Army Reserve recruitment. Circa 1978.


The Army Reserve is a special kind of part-time job. As we train you for it in a special way. By sending you to full-time Army schools where you can learn automotive mechanics, communications, or any one of a variety of skills.
You’ll be taught by first-rate instructors using the most modern teaching methods. And you’ll earn full Army pay for the months you’re away at basic training and school. Back home, you’ll wok 16 hours a month (usually one weekend), and two full weeks a year, with your local Army Reserve unit. Sharpening your skill with valuable, on-the-job experience. Earning a good part-time income. And a good full-time feeling. It’s called pride. For more information send the postcard or call 800-431-1234 toll free. In NY call 800-243-6370