Firestone Ad

Firestone Tire Ad
Firestone Tire Ad

Old magazine ad for Firestone tires. Circa 1978.

Grease is rolling on Firestone Super Stones

Would any car that stars in a Hollywood musical be seen in the company of ordinary tires?
Certainly not “Greased Lightning”, the automotive heartthrob of Paramount’s new hit, “GREASE”.
Here’s a car that calls for a tire that’s got real star quality. So right away the call went out for Firestone.
Naturally, because Firestone makes the Super Stones. Like our SS Radial and Super Stones raised white letter tires.
Discover ‘em for yourself now at your nearest Firestone retailer. In 50, 60 and 70 series, so you can put the width you want just where you want it.
They’ve all got the good looks that’ll catch any machine along the path to stardom. Including yours.

Firestone (logo) SUPER STONES

Firestone tires are featured on “Greased Lightning”, the car that stars in Paramount’s production of “GREASE” See it at your local theatre. GREASE Paramount Pictures Corporation