US Coast Guard Ad

US Coast Guard Ad
US Coast Guard Ad

Old magazine ad for US Coast Guard recruitment. Circa 1978.

Maybe you thought catching smugglers, stopping poachers and saving lives only happens in the movies.

Wrong. Life in the Coast Guard is a lot better than a movie. It’s the real thing. You probably already know that the Coast Guard has a unique mission of saving lives and property.  We do a lot of other unique things, too.  We’re law enforcement officers, patrolling thousands of mile of America’s coastlines, on the lookout for narcotics smugglers.
We protect our national resources, keeping our new 200 mile fishery conservation zone from “poachers” who illegally fish our waters. These are big jobs, important jobs to our country and to the men and women who perform them.  So are the other things we do. Working to prevent pollution of our waterways and coasts. Maintaining the lights and markers that guide ships. Promoting safety in recreational boating.

Helping others is helping yourself.

It’s not all hard work, though there’s plenty of that. In the Coast Guard, when your job is done and you’re off duty, your time is your own. You can get out of your uniform and into your own thing. The pay check you get (over $400 a month after basic training) goes a lot further. We pay for your uniforms, medical and dental care, and when quarters aren’t available, we provide an allowance for housing and meals. So most of your pay is yours to keep – or save towards a new car, stereo equipment, even college. And because we’re smaller than the other military services, your chances of being recognized are greater. Good performance earns rewards. Which means a bigger paycheck, a bigger job and a brighter future. It all adds up to something pretty exceptional. A meaningful job, with an exciting lifestyle attached. If you would like to be involved, see your local recruiter or call us toll free (800) 424-8883. Or send us the coupon below for more information.

Coast Guard Opportunities, P.O. Box 1452, Scranton, Pa. 18501

Please send more information about the following Coats Guard Programs:
Regular Enlisted  Coast Guard Reserve  Coast Guard O.C.S. (College graduates only) Coast Guard Academy

US Air Force Ad

US Air Force Ad
US Air Force Ad

Old magazine ad for US Air Force recruitment. Circa 1978.


TEAMWORK. Electricians. Mechanics. Pilots. Radio repairmen. Security police. Fuel and hydraulic specialists. all working together. Each dedicated to their profession, the Air Force, and America.
GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.  If you enlist, you’re trained in one of over 140 jobs. You earn good pay. You can even work toward an Associate Degree through the Community College of the Air Force.
If you’re already college bound, Air Force ROTC offers a wide range of scholarships.  And the Air Force Academy offers one of the finest educations anywhere.
Air Force Officer Training School is an option if you’re already out – or almost out – of college.  It’s a chance to put what you’ve learned to work.
And if you’d like an extra pay check every month, check into part-time service in the Air Force Reserve.
GET ALL THE FACTS.  Contact your Air Force Recruiter. Fill out and mail the attached card. Or call toll free 800-523-5000 (PA:800-362-5696)
It’s a great way of life! AIR FORCE

Coca Cola Ad

Coca Cola Ad
Coca Cola Ad

Old magazine ad for Coca Cola. Circa 1979.

Tea Break.

Coke adds life.

Enjoy Coca Cola (logo)


Seagrams Ad

Seagrams Ad
Seagrams Ad

Old magazine ad for Seagram’s whiskey. Circa 1978.

Seven & Seven. Great taste you can count on.

Put the great taste of Seagram’s 7 and 7-Up together, and you’ve got a classic: Seagram’s 7 & 7. Just pour 11/2  oz. Seagram’s 7 over ice in a tall glass and fill up with 7-Up. Great taste you can count on!

Seagram’s 7 Crown (logo)
Where quality drinks begin.


US Army Reserve Ad

US Army Reserve Ad
US Army Reserve Ad

Old magazine advertisement for US Army Reserve recruitment. Circa 1978.


The Army Reserve is a special kind of part-time job. As we train you for it in a special way. By sending you to full-time Army schools where you can learn automotive mechanics, communications, or any one of a variety of skills.
You’ll be taught by first-rate instructors using the most modern teaching methods. And you’ll earn full Army pay for the months you’re away at basic training and school. Back home, you’ll wok 16 hours a month (usually one weekend), and two full weeks a year, with your local Army Reserve unit. Sharpening your skill with valuable, on-the-job experience. Earning a good part-time income. And a good full-time feeling. It’s called pride. For more information send the postcard or call 800-431-1234 toll free. In NY call 800-243-6370

Citroen GS Car Ad

Citroen GS Car Ad
Citroen GS Car Ad

Old magazine advert for Citroen GS car. Circa 1973.

The Citroen GS.
Comfort has never looked better.

Even standing still, that low GS bonnet and sweetly cut-off tail promise a special quality of motoring. On the move you soon know this promise is no illusion. The GS 1220 accelerates smoothly trots 0—50 in 10.6 seconds. It cruises easily on continental auto- routes at 90-plus.
More important, maybe, is that at all speeds and on all kinds of roads you drive comfortably in a GS. It has the same system of Hydropneumatic suspension as the big Citroen DS cars. This Citroen system is unlike any other. Other systems react to the road. Self-levelling Hydropneumatic suspension—because it’s a ‘live’ pressurised system —reacts both to the road and to the load in the car.
The car aalomatically stays level—no matter how light or heavy the load you carry or how uneven the road surface. Driver and passengers stay comfortable and roadholding is tenacious under almost any conditions. Hydropneamatic suspension has been proved over millions of miles. Now, in the CS, you can enjoy its unique advantages in a medium-price car.
Despite its expensive-looking lines and exclusive suspension GS prices start at only £1068.17 plus VAT. A test-drive awaits you at your Citroen dealer’s Or write for brochure and list of agents to Citroen Cars Ltd. Dept C102, Trading Estate, Slough SL1 4QA.
CITROEN (logo)
A word for comfort
Please enquire about our Personal; Export and Diplomatic schemes
Price includes car tax but excludes VAT (seta belts number plates and delivery extra) The model illustrated is the GS Confort Saloon

Armor All Ad

Armor All Ad
Armor All Ad

Old magazine ad for Armor All Protectant. Circa 1978.


And on, and on anything made of vinyl, plastic, rubber, Plexiglas, leather, even wood. Rot is to blame for making your things old and rotten. ARMOR ALL Protectant is the one-of-a-kind, patented product that protects, beautifies, and preserves by penetrating surfaces to shield against Rot.
Get ARMOR ALL Protectant at the automotive department of your favourite store. Fight Rot on your car, on your boat, on your sports gear, and on, and on, and on…


©1978 Very Important Products. Inc.

US Army Ad

US Army Ad
US Army Ad

Old magazine advert for the US Army. Circa 1978.

Pay & Benefits

If you enlist in the Army, you’ll start with good pay; a long list of skill-training courses to choose from; 30 days paid vacation each year; the opportunities to travel, to continue your education, and to qualify for veterans’ educational benefits. For more information about all the opportunites in today’s Army, send the postcard. Or call 800-431-1976 toll free. In NY call 800-243-5614.

“It’s like the way a baby grows. It’s a child, then a teenager, then a man. It all comes with responsibility. You’ve got to prove yourself every step of the way. That’s the way the Army is. They’ll give you a piece of equipment, train you, and say, ‘You are responsible’. If you’re good and you knpw ypur job, you’ll move up and get more. Right now I’m a senior gunner in a Chaparral Missile section. And every guy on this section is responsible for the other guy. That can make you an adult quickly. Responsibility feels like – it feels like strength.” SGT Calvin Farrell, Schwabach, Germany

Join the people who’ve joined the Army.

TDK Tape Ad

TDK Tape Ad
TDK Tape Ad

Old magazine ad for TDK recording tape. Circa 1978.

Acoustic Dynamic, the successor to our famous Super Dynamic, which delivers clear, crisp, brilliant reproduction of today’s complex sounds with “Normal” bias.

But there’s nothing normal about the new coating which evolved from our research. We succeeded in developing a new linear ferric oxide particle obtaining superior coercivity with the result that Acoustic Dynamic is completely compatible with virtually all cassette decks guaranteeing a wider dynamic range and frequency reponse which extends well into the high end.

Acoustic Dynamic tape is housed in a new superior precision cassette body to ensure accurate running characteristics.  Leave your switch at “Normal” and hear for yourself the magnificent sound of TDK Acoustic Dynamic and then you will wnow what we are talking about. For technical specification and the name of your nearest stockist just write to us.

TDK (logo) TDK Tape Distributors., Pembroke House, Wellesley Road., Croydon CR0 9XW
Eire: Peat Wholesale Ltd., Chapel Lane, Parnell Street, Dublin1

AD 1977-Sounds magnificent from TDK


Pioneer Music Centre Ad

Pioneer Music Centre Ad
Pioneer Music Centre Ad

Old magazine ad for Pioneer brand music centre stereo hi-fi. Circa 1977.

The Pioneer music centre.

What the hi-fi experts say.

“With the advent of the Pioneer M6500 we have an integrated audio system that adds up to no-compromise hi-fi.”

“The quality of the various components i.e. the belt-driven turntable, cassette deck 3-band tuner/amp, is equal to that of Pioneer’s separate units, so respected in the hi-fi enthusiast’s opinion.”

“The auto-return belt-driven turntable, with 4-pole synchronised motor, looks good. Wow and flutter <0.08%, rumble >63dB WRMS (DIN B). Remarkable.
Nice to see a PC135 cartridge as well.”

“Very versatile cassette deck. Excellent wow and flutter of <0.13%, signal to noise ratio>48dB. CRO2 tape frequency response 30Hz-15kHz, LH tape frequency response 30Hz-12.5kHz.  The tape selector and counter are useful too.”

“Superb tuner/amp> FM particularly impressive, with 35dB for stereo separation (1kHz), capture ratio 1.5dB and selectivity (+/-499kHz) 60dB.
I liked the frequency response too, 30Hz-15kHz. MW and LW also incorporated. Very low harmonic distortion, <0.1%. Output is ample with 2 x 18 watts per channel RMS 4 ohms.”

“Since 1938, we’ve been treated to every hi-fi innovation imaginable from Pioneer. Their number of high-performance best-sellers is quite astonishing.”

“It’s altogether a superb piece of equipment”.

What they actually mean.

“It’s a hi-fi system all in one box.”

“The turntable, cassette deck and tuner/amp are made to pioneer’s exacting specifications.”

“Your records will sound marvellous.”

“So will your tapes.”

“The radio’s superb.”

“Pioneer have been making the best in hi-fi for almost 40 years.”
“It’s altogether a superb piece of equipment.

PIONEER (logo)