Sony Trinitron Ad

Sony Trinitron TV Ad
Sony Trinitron TV Ad

Old magazine advertisement for Sony Trinitron Television. Circa 1975.

“The first time I lost a clear, sharp picture
on my Sony Trinitron was when it was stolen.’

‘He may not have made Police Five that week, but he was no common thief.
You normally hear of them taking everything while the family is glued to the box.
But as I heard it from my weepy wife:”He’s taken the Sony colour television set but nothing else.” Obviously, that burglar has something besides my TV.
After all, his ill-gotten gain has this unique Trinitron system that gives a really sharp, bright picture.
(Which the folk at Sony attribute to their Aperture Grille, and the fact that it uses the centre of one big electron lens instead of three little ones.)
And its solid state circuitry and low running temperature make it very reliable.
So it’s probably going to perform as well for him as it did for us over the years. Pity.” SONY (logo)
See the Sony KV181O at your local Sony dealer or visit The Sony Showroom, 134, Regent St., W1R 6DJ.
Trinitron. A unique system, better colour.